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E.R. Stories


Enabling Researchers Stories - the essential guide to researcher training development.


This book is a collection of experiences, discussions, theory and practice for providing learning and development support to postgraduate researchers. There is particular focus on ‘enabling’ giving the researchers the tools to support their own development. Although E.R. stands for Enabling Researchers rather than Emergency Room, there are references to medical terms to help illustrate concepts throughout. This isn’t just a nod to doctoral researchers or biological sciences but the references help us to understand the training and development landscape in terms of providing pastoral care and a level of service which are core values behind the ideas presented.


There is a collection of innovative ideas and a fresh approach in providing enabling strategies to help researchers to fully realise their potential.


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No of pages: 210

Paperback sIze: A5

eBook format: PDF

ISBN: 978-0-9932312-0-9

Price: £24.99 (RRP)

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The Pocket Pattern Pad - Art Therapy Book


Doodle and draw away the day…


Escape, relax and unwind by colouring and drawing. When we think creatively we naturally de-stress and feel calmer. Art therapy can help free your mind so you can problem solve and become more in-tune with your thoughts and feelings. Make everyday a doodle day by carrying your pocket pattern pad with you. Take the opportunity to colour or create on the commute to work or to relax after a busy day.


The perfect hobby for those looking to relax, reduce stress and develop creativity.




Pour on the confidence building condiment and develop your own personal brand of confidence!


This is a collection of over a 100 inspiring ideas to create confidence and personal effectiveness. Generate your own store cupboard of techniques and learn to be simply delicious!


The book contains quick ideas such as ‘instant confidence’ and tricks to help become the expert in your field using the ‘red sauce thinking’ mentality.


Ketchup is the indispensible guide to help develop your own brand of confidence and personal effectiveness - the perfect recipe for success!


Ketchup is part of a series - there are three books to collect: Ketchup, Career Ketchup and Las Vegas Ketchup.

Book Details

No of pages: 148

Paperback sIze: A6

eBook format: PDF

ISBN: 978-0-9932312-1-6

Price: £15.99 (RRP paperback), £9.99 (RRP eBook).